This workshop will apply the basic concepts of circuitry and programming to learn how to create bracelets or stuff that can light-up or play music. Students will create an LED bracelet and a project of their choice using the skills and concepts they learned from the workshop.

During this workshop, students will create a mini Arduino robot. Students will then have their robot circumvent a number of challenges in a game format. Students will learn the basics of robotics, programming, and problem solving.

Create a bot that display “tweets” on an LCD screen using Raspberry Pi
Students will create a bot software similar to Twitter bots and will display “tweets” on an LCD screen. Explore different areas of IT as we install a web server stack, write code to interact with APIs(application programming interface)  and finally display our results on an LCD screen hooked.

Movie Recommender System using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 
This will be a hands on introduction to AI and Machine Learning. We hear these terms all the time, but what do they mean and what exactly is going on behind the scenes? We’ll explore these concepts by playing an unplugged tabletop game, modifying an animation using block-based programming, and creating a simple movie recommender system using Python and Jupyter notebooks. By the end of this workshop, you will be able to use your Jupyter notebooks to illustrate AI concepts to a friend as well as get a better idea of what a career in this field might look like.

Health Tracker using Angular/HTML/CSS/Firebase 
During this workshop students will create a Web app. This app tracks user health activity and shows recent activity on dashboard. App also persists the health data on backend and syncs data every time the user opens the app. App with also have social + email authentication.


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