Interested in learning more about the workshops we will be offering during the upcoming 2017-2018 ChickTech High School year? We have a very diverse set of workshops that will appeal to a wide variety of interests:

Android App Design
This workshop allows students to create an Android app that solves a problem they face in their everyday lives. Students will learn the basics of user design, finding a problem to solve, and using App Inventor to build an Android app.

This workshop will apply the basic concepts of circuitry and programming to create a lighted jacket that can be used by cyclists to give signals in the dark. We will be using conductive sewing threads, leds and a programmable microcontroller to light up the jacket which will wearable and washable.

During this workshop, students will create a mini Arduino robot. Students will then have their robot circumvent a number of challenges in a game format. Students will learn the basics of robotics, programming, and problem solving.

UX Design
This workshop will introduce User Experience (UX) design and how research and testing with users can be used to drive design decisions. Students will learn history of UX design and how to conduct user research, generate design requirements from research, basic design prototyping, and how to test and iterate their design.

Video Production
This workshop is designed for students who want to know more about video production. We will cover the fundamental techniques of shooting, editing, and lighting. Students will learn solid production techniques that can greatly improve the quality and effectiveness of their video stories.

3D Printing
From printing prosthetic arms to replacement hearts to fun toys, 3D printing has many applications in the real world. In this technology/art workshop, students will create 3D printed stamps and use them to learn the basics of modeling by creating tessellations.

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