” Chance favors the prepared mind” Fidelity Meetup

ChickTech RDU held another successful meetup on June 13, 2017. A big shout out to WITSIG at Fidelity who hosted the event and to our amazing speaker Rebecca Fernandez.  We had 40 attendees at the event. We are thrilled to see how our community is growing in just a few months. Our guests were excited for both the topic and the cause.

Rebecca was the perfect choice for this event. She is a gifted speaker who is a natural when comes to captivating the audience. Her talk,  “Own your Career, Make your Opportunities,”  consisted of many personal stories told in intricate detail that helped explain the challenges one faces at different stages of one’s career. She even offered some tools, techniques, and tips to kickstart one’s career which put everyone in good spirits. We were left to ponder the thought   “Chance favors the prepared mind”.  We were quick to remind the guests that they can complete the homework assignment of “take up a new challenge, explore new opportunities, or get involved with a good cause” by signing up to volunteer for ChickTech! The audience was engaged from start right up to Q&A and the event ended on a high note with adding volunteers, taking donations and selling T-Shirts.

Thank you to Fidelity for providing the space and WITSIG for snacks and drinks. Special thanks to Rebecca for being our star speaker and supporting ChicTtech RDU. The enthusiasm of the attendees of our events gives us the energy to move forward with our goals of working to inspire High School girls and women to get involved in Technology!


ChickTech is a registered 501(c)3.