UX Design
Design your own tool in our workshop designed to introduce you to UX design and creation. You will learn how to do user research, generate requirements, create a basic design prototype and finally how to test and improve to create your best user experience!

Android App Design
Create an Android app that solves a problem you face in your everyday life. You will learn the basics of user design, find a problem to solve, and use App Inventor to build your own Android app.

3D Printing
Are you interested in 3D technology? Have you ever wondered what you could do with a 3D printer. During this workshop you will create 3D stamps and learn the basics of modeling by creating tessellations!

In this workshop, you’ll learn how a sophisticated robot is built and programmed, while building and programming your own at your own pace! Once your robot is done we will put it to the test with a series of challenges.

Interested in lighting up your night? With the E-Wearables workshop, you will be creating a lighted jacket that can be used to give signals in the dark. You will be working with conductive sewing threads, LEDs and a microcontroller to program your jacket to glow in the dark!

Video Production
Have you ever wanted to create  your own video? With the Video Production workshop, you will learn the fundamental techniques of shooting, editing, and lighting. With solid production techniques you will soon be producing top-notch video stories!

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