The ChickTech Raleigh-Durham organization is 100% volunteer run. We need you to help make our high school programming possible. We welcome volunteers of all skill levels (including no experience) and all genders.

We need volunteers for many different roles:

Activities and Workshop Team

Creates and executes workshops that are fun, engaging, and hands-­on. Works with the Volunteer Coordinator to find volunteers for the workshops and the Logistics Team to get space and supplies for each workshop.

Events/Logistics Team

Finds events where ChickTech can be promoted in the community; works with ChickTech evangelists for those events. Finds venues, plans supplies and food needed for each event. We are seeking Managers for this team.

Marketing and PR Team

Maintains the website, social media, event postings, and newsletter. Actively works to get press opportunities for the chapter. Creates promotional materials and swag to give to Event Coordinator. Finds photographers and videographers to document events. We are seeking a Co-Manager for this team.

Volunteer Team

Organizes volunteers into roles depending on needs, interests, and abilities. Follows up with volunteers and keeps them engaged and involved. We are seeking a Co-Manager for this team.

Fundraising Team

Finds funding to create a successful, sustainable program from a variety of places. We are seeking a Co-Manager for this team.

Mentor Program Team

Works with the volunteer coordinator to find people excited about mentoring a girl for the year, trains and interviews mentors, and plans events that have a focus on the mentor­-mentee relationship.

Internship Program Team

Works with local companies to create internship opportunities for the girls, sets up internship applications and monitors internship progress.

Participant Engagement Team

Reaches out to schools to recruit girls, informs girls of ChickTech events via email, calls, and texts. Assigns girls to workshops and answers any questions they have. Engages girls in other community events to help them create their support network.

ChickTech is a registered 501(c)3.